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Julian Leeser, Federal MP for Berowra, addresses Parliament (October, 2021)

“In Australia, her bright-eyed daughter has a huge baby-toothed smile, unaware she could soon be sent back to the abuse she just escaped."

Vikki Campion (The Saturday Telegraph, May, 2021) 

Dark Ocean

Voices in the Void 


FiLiA Hague Project

Announcing Hague Mothers - a FiLiA Legacy Project. 


Protective Mothers 

Stop Child Trafficking through The Hague Convention.


Rosa Saladino

Protecting children from unintended effect of The Hague Convention.


Gina Masterton

PHD on why child abduction laws should be amended to  protect abused women and children.


Michael Salter

Getting Hagued: The impact of International Law on Child Abduction by Protective Mothers. 


Rosa Saladino

Open letter describing the realities for young mothers facing The Hague Convention.


Sisters fight for reform

First Nations Child deported under The Hague. 


Battered Mothers

Battered mothers and their children fleeing for safety - A study of Hague Convention cases.


NZ Court of Appeals

New Zealand court of appeal acknowledge most mothers and children are sent back to abuse under the Hage


Cassandra's Story

Young Mother Fled to Sydney to save her life. Australian judges sent her back to her death. 


Hague Mothers in Women's Shelters

Mothers forced to stay in the same country as their abuser or risk persecution. 


Mothers held hostage by The Hague

The Weekly spoke with other women fighting to be united with their children.


Weaponising The Hague Harms Women

This paper examines the experiences of women who have been ‘Hagued’.


A Letter For First Nations Mothers

A letter to support Indigenous mothers who are being separated from their children due to the Hague Convention.


Watch this Space


“Although the wording of the regulations would permit an argument about the effects of violence on children, the Australian courts have so strictly interpreted these regulations that violence has not been treated as relevant."

Julian Leeser MP