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First Nations Empowerment

Acknowledgement of Country

Her Hague Story is grateful to be living on and connecting to First Nations Lands.

We pay our deepest respects to the Elders, Past, Present, and Emerging.

Caber-rananga Engage

If you are a First Nations person currently in or about to enter court proceedings, please reach out to Caber-rananga Engage and have a yarn. They will be able to support you through this difficult time. 


They will also be able to create a Cultural Care plan for your child, which is necessary for all First Nations children within the courts of Australia. Cultural Care plans are used to educate and create awareness of our unique cultural needs. The hope is that through the raised awareness created through cultural care plans, the Judges of Australia will begin to join with us in celebrating the resilience and beauty of our culture, and will make culturally respectful judgments that are in accordance with statutory law. 

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NSW Aboriginal Health


Click on the icon for an open letter for First Nations children within the court.

Aborigine Bark Painting
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